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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tree of Life

hie hie readers! im back again! =D
today topic is about TREE aka 树 aka pokok aka baum (in german) *teheee*
you must be curious why today topic is about tree?! tree is just a tree lor...combination of trunk, branches, leaves, etc... =.=lll
WELL! image of tree used to bring out client's inner world who had experienced trauma (especially dealing with trauma children) in counselling field =)

i found that this topic quite interesting so just share out with u guys *wink*

"The Tree of Life is a psychosocial support tool that uses different parts of a tree as metaphors to represent different aspects of our lives based on Narrative Practices. The use of metaphors and carefully formulated questions invites children and others to tell stories about their lives in ways that make them stronger and more hopeful about the future. Besides that, it opens up space and has been used extensively with children in different contexts to facilitate conversations about loss and bereavement. The tool allows children severely affected by HIV and AIDS, poverty and conflict to tell, hear, and explore stories of loss without remaining trapped in expressions of grief and bereavement. It simultaneously opens up spaces and opportunities to tell, hear and explore stories of hope, shared values, connection to those around them as well as to those who have died."

this is moi's life of tree =D
so what's each parts of the tree means?! 
here is da explanation *wink*
  • roots: heritage of you, where you come from (i.e. village, town, country); family/ community history (origins, family name, ancestry, extended family); those who have taught you the most in life; fav place at home
  • ground: the place where you live in present, and some of the activities that are engaged in during regular daily life
  • trunk: one's values, skills and abilities (physical acts, caring skills, kidness, honesty etc)
  • branches: hopes, dreams and wishes
  • leaves: people who are important to you
  • fruits: gifts that has been given by others, or the contributions of others have made to your life
  • flowers/seeds: gifts that you wishes to pass onto others (contributions/ material gifts)

 cheong sam tree! LOL
so how does ur tree of life look like?! hehehe....it is fun of doing this activity thou...=D
enjoy and have a nice day people

Thursday, April 7, 2011


halo readers! *wink* 
it's APRIL dy lor...how fast huh~ how's everybody?! xixixixixxi miss me?! LOL
one more month then im OFFICIALLY graduate! =D *ka-ching!*
somehow no student's benefit anymore =( hmmmmmmm
NVM....rot for one mth at home then only plan for future....^^
*hope my mum didn't read this if not i sure DAI!* haha
there are many things had happen for the past 2 mth but now everything is back to normal...
'life is like a roller coaster, there are ups and downs, good things will happen after the storm' =)
another thing is...
Huge natural disaster (earthquake+tsunami) happen in Japan during march and now another 7.9 earthquake strike japan again! *sigh!*
is that a sign of anything?! hmmmmmmm
human seems so small and helpless when comes to natural disaster
well....im quite scare....*serious* =)
let's us pray for Japan again kay? 
让我们来积极面对人生, 活得更精彩,更充实

have a nice day everyone...
remember to 

Saturday, March 5, 2011


我好累! 崩溃了无数次。。。眼泪也流了无数次。。
i just want to back to the place where i come from

Friday, February 25, 2011


越在乎的人越猜不透 =)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


happy 2011 readers! new year new year~ woohooooo! =P

okay! i know im superb late, it is 19/1/2011 nao (mid of jan) =P but whatever...i still love to wish my frens
HAPPY NEW YEAR...yeehaa! <3
well well....i just start my new sem this week so im still in the new year mood kay + CNY is just around the corner...lagi HOLIDAY mood ONZ *gg.com*
this year is 2011 and guess what! im GRADUATE in this year! WOW...damm fast! o.O 
i still remember my 1st day in uni back to 2008 wey~ *hmmmm* and most geng is I SURVIVE IN KAMPAR FOR FREAKING 2 YEARS jor! *salute myself!*
for those who have been to kampar, this is a pretty boring town *frankly speaking* =P
oh well, once i start bout kampar i will keep complaining...so i better stop it right nao...hexhexhex
okay! back to topic...IM GRADUATE SOON in may! Im a Y3S3 student right now! =D excited bout da day of graduation?! not really...actually i prefer student's life rather than working life =) 
wish to future study in UK if possible...*awwww* i should pray hard that my PAMA fund is enough to support me *wink*
dreaming...dreaming and work towards the goal! *law of attraction* =P
final sem= fyp! *GOSH* this is killing me....can i just hire ppl do for me...LMAO! *just kidding!* hexhexhex
the thing that i miss most about uni life is FRIENDS! =) although kampar is a super boring town but with da right gang of friends...life would be diff! ^^ im a 100% good girl in kampar kay~ no tumchak tumchak, no alcohol *wheeeee* detox kuat kuat kat sini =D 
so to my dearest uni frens: we must keep in touch always kay~ *cross little finger* 

alright! i guess i would stop right here cuz my mind is blank nao! =_____=lll
happy new year everybody and happy new sem for students and enjoy last sem for those final year students! xoxo
chaoz~ <3

Friday, December 10, 2010

shu the doc away

halo peeps~! how's life? =)
let u guys rank ur stress level: 1-5, 1 is most leisure and 5 is most stress...where is your stand point??
for utarians, i guess most of the students stand point will be around 3-4 stress level rite?! 
WHY? good question cuz we're having study week and this also means FINAL is just around the corner! O.O
so~ during this study week most of students will study like nobody business~ then some of the students bio-clock is upside down just like me =.=lll *no good no good*
well how we gona stay healthy and remain focus on our study?!
hmmmm~ i think few ways is quite effective to me...so i just share it out =)
*somehow i know u guys have your own way, im just sharing....we can exchange exchange idea ma ^^*
first of all, WATER! H2O~ 

well water is very important...our body make up of 70% of water as everyone has know bout it...in this study week period, water play a crucial role in da blood circulation...student eat, then sit in front of the table and  study....sitting down is more than standing and waling...so~ drink more water is good for digestion....
for those got timchak tumchak geh water memang help to detox in this period lor...cuz water help to detox the   alcohol in our blood =P and of course...drink more water will help us stay away from sickness as we drink more water then we go toilet more often...xixixi...after all water helps us to DETOX! 
believe me...skin will become better as well =D
drink at least 1200ml per day kay? *wink*

2nd will be FRUITS and VEGETABLES!

in this section...i dont think i need to explain more rite? 
we are taught since young....if we wana have a healthy body, eat more fruits and vegetables ^^
for those lazy ppl like me...i seldom eat fruits in kampar so to balance up...i eat more vege =D and of course try to eat fruits whenever i can la....xxixixixixi...
an apple will keep the doctor away =D  
oh yea...and keep away from those heaty food such as choc, deep fried food and etc.... all those foods will bring u to doc if u eat too much and nt drink enough water =) 
in a nutshell, what i mean is balance eating habit *heee*

3rd cleaning! LOL

yesh! u didn't see wrongly~! is cleaning...haha i know is kinda random...somehow i got my own reason to do so neh...
come i explain to u guys =P
cleaning will make our room clean rite? so when the room is clean, there is less dust and of course u will feel FRESH! *aha~*
nevertheless, cleaning will help the room air circulation and this will help us stay away from sickness as well *wink* in conjunction with this, clean environment will makes us feel more happy, hence, will be focus more on studies =D 
*it works on me la~ i dunno how bout u guys but why not just give a try rite? ^^ no harm after all *

4th, TAKE A GOOD REST AFTER PIA'ing (study hard)
take a quickie after study will help to strengthen what had study earlier....
take a 5 min break, have a kit-kat! =D
ok la...nt necessary to take a nap but do something that move the butt from chair ler...=) xixixixi
i'm not recommend to take nap cuz i will sleep like a died pig! =P haha but if u can wake up on time so just take a 15 min nap is good as refreshment! ^^


ok la...what i write above is my own way to keep myself healthy throughout this study week and also exam period...yet everyone is using diff method so i just stop and open for discussion lo...=p xixixixi
besides keep my body healthy, i do keep my skin healthy...do mask will help to maintain the baby skin! ^^  this method works on gurls but guys u can try as well as new era guys do pay attention on their skin kay~ *teheeee*

ok ler...this is just an random post that i feel like sharing with all students that are having study week or exam =)
let's stay healthy throughout this period and stay focus on our studies kay....
it's time for me to keep my lappie aside and focus on mua mountain notes jor....=)
good luck to all students! 

huggs! xoxo

Sunday, November 28, 2010

我回来了! =D

hola everybody! im back like FINALLY! *wink* LOL...
*counting fingers and maybe toes* aku mcm stop blogging since...err....august...so 3 mth! haha! =P 
okay la....i admit im lazy to update my 'sudah mati' (died) blog...so sorry to my readers kay...i lub u guys *although nt much ppl reading* haha! ss (syiok sendiri) sikit~
well... so many things had happen during past few monthssss....=)
i had change~ i mean not physically la...but mentally =) but no worry peeps, im still me! da cheerful tutu =D 
just im changing in some area of perception...*tehee*
'no matter what had happen has become PAST, so future is far more important than stuck in the same spot all the time'
my life is truly happy now...with lovely friends around, in penang or kampar...and i appreciate all those lots! <3 *sobx sobx* thank god!
ah liap,wanyong,ivy!
miss punpun,colleen
in past few months i drink drank drunk just to forgot something on my mind...however, now everything is clear...so my heart is CLEAR! seriously clear! ^^ no more tears i promise....xixixixi
how's ur life recently then fellow readers?! good as well? 
what i learnt from past few month that make me move on is:
learn to put down something that bothering in your heart slowly, and this will make our future life more happy and easy 
im glad that i learnt this important chapter of life...although is hard yet after u make it~ everything will be easy ^^ thanks for everyone who support me all the times...now i had grow...become strong and tough...xixixixixi
and most important...
lastly as tradition! 
recent photo of yours truely~ LOL! 
there are always rainbow after storm of rain peeps! bright future are waiting for us! 
let's face our life with laughter *teehee* =D 
have a nice day ^^